SMA and ATR system: translate
Author: badyami
Creation Date: 5/5/2011 3:55 AM
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Could someone help me to write the following ATR based in and out strategy with money management ?

I have the Prorealtime's code :

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Having just briefly looked at this code, and then stopped myself, many questions arise w.r.t. this language:

How are OPT[1] and OPT[2] related to "OPT"? What are they?
What are x, y, Alpha, Beta? Which data type(s)?
What are MyIn, MyStop? Why are you accessing them prior to having defined the variables? What are MyIn[1], MyStop[1] -- accessing the element at bar-1, bar-2 or something else?

Let's try a different approach. On this site, given the enormous amount of systems already developed and methods already coded since 2001, there's a chance of finding an equivalent or something close that would be easier to modify, or sometimes it's easier to code something from scratch. So, do you have the trading system rules in English?

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