Rules Based Wealth_Lab
Author: pms1
Creation Date: 11/1/2009 9:25 PM
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I used rules to create a simple SMA Long/Short program. I can optimize the code, but in using this method, I end up with 4 sets of fast and slow SMAs for optimization.How do I name the fast and slow parameters so I only have one fast and one slow SMA parameter.
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Renaming won't help. Leaving you with 2 sets of MA parameter combinations is a "limitation" of the wizard, but if we give it a thought, then we understand that the computer program shouldn't figure out that the variables are duplicated. Maybe it was intended, or maybe at a later point you'll decide to optimize them 4.

Open the code in a new window, manually delete the extra set of parameters, correct the data series and values in the code to your taste, and save the strategy. It won't be possible to modify it in the rule wizard any more.
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