Rule to choose the lowest price stock
Author: gonzo1
Creation Date: 6/6/2016 11:58 PM
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Is there a command in the wizard that will allow me to specify that if I get multiple buy signals for my long only system it always picks the cheapest stock?
If there is not a command in the wizard how do I write that line of code?
thanks . Peter
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Of course positions can be prioritized but you can not assign a Priority without coding. That's because rule-based Strategies only support an entry or a pre-entry/exit condition and assigning Priority is a post-trade condition.

Fortunately, it's trivial to add such condition to any rule system after converting it to code or after opening in a new Strategy window:
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But since there's no way back this addition should be the last after having designed your system in the Rule Builder.
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Thanks for the help.
I understand its perhaps an unusual command, yes i have developed a robust system without the cheapest stock command, just wanted to add it in and test it,


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Additionally, assigning a Priority will prevent from getting randomized backtests when capital is insufficient:

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