Risk/Reward empty; HeatMap error, removing
Author: tradercn
Creation Date: 12/4/2011 4:13 PM
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The Performance Visualizer library 2011.11, Extra Performance Visualizers 2011.06, Wealth-Lab heatMap are installed.
1, Risk/Reward is showed as empty.
2, HeatMap doesn't work properly. After I enabled HeatMap in preference, dialogues showed "Error in Visualizer: TabPage:{HeatMap}, removing. "SH600657 ????" is not valid value of Name property. I guess it might because the symbol contains Chinese.
Could you help please? Thanks.
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1. Before calling something a problem, please consider studying the documentation first ;)

Risk/Reward Ratio

Risk/reward ratio is calculated for trades that have a correctly defined RiskStopLevel only.

Look the term up in the QuickRef, then run a code search for "RiskStopLevel" in "Open strategy" dialog, and you'll understand how small is the chance of showing a non-empty Risk/Reward tab on any given Strategy.

2. Unfortunately, this is true but is already known:

Open Issues

(27744) HeatMap Visualizer error for non-alphanumeric characters in Symbol

To be resolved by 6.3.
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thanks for your answer. :)
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