Request for tutorial on building a successful strategy
Author: secretagent3180
Creation Date: 11/12/2014 10:40 PM
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I have tried for 2 nights now to create a strategy that would break even. None of the strategies in the library produce any success for me. Apparently I am making a mistake somewhere. I am desperate enough to search for more information.

I have watched the two commercials on YouTube. I read the User Guide. I have registered here, and found the Wiki forum for "New to Wealth-Lab:Tutorial" I watched the "Tutorial Video | Strategy | Use the Wizard to create a Rule-based Strategy" I followed the instructions exactly. It has a strategy for GOOG, with 1 entry, 2 exits, and a few conditions. That is easy enough to follow. It display a positive outcome on the Tutorial. Nevertheless it underperforms miserably in real life. Maybe that is because the Tutorial is over 5 years old, and market conditions change?

Is there a more current set of instructions I could follow as an example of success?

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Tutorials are never meant to help one develop a profitable strategy and can not be viewed as source of ideas. Their whole purpose is to teach you how to use Wealth-Lab to implement your ideas. There's still much left to do as the FAQ sugests:

How do I get started learning Wealth-Lab?

Success does not come overnight - even after two nights. It takes a deep understanding of the market mechanics and experience.
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