Reminder: Split Calendar
Author: Cone
Creation Date: 6/8/2014 3:39 PM
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Just a heads up to keep an eye on a split calendar for your stop//limit orders. There are two big ones tomorrow - AAPL 7:1 and UNP 2:1
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And to make the process more automated, a "split calendar" will be included in upcoming build of Community Components.
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Anyone using Fidelity data should double-check the AAPL price values. My Fidelity feed incorrectly showed a 7:1 split occurred on 5/29/2014. Updating this morning, the AAPL price values were still incorrect. Follow these steps to completely refetch the data (and unfortunately these steps also remove it from all DataSets. The two actions should be split, but that is not an option available in WLP 6.7.)

In the Data Manager -> Fidelity Data page, find the "Change ___ to ___" entry field, enter "AAPL" and "AAPLXX" respectively.
Press "Change Symbol". This may take a few minutes. Close the Data Manager window, once the UI becomes responsive.
Open a chart for AAPLXX three times, so the failure appears in the Data Manager.
Reopen the Data Manager window. Select "AAPLXX" and click "Delete Symbol(s)". (Warning! This removes the symbol from -all- DataSets, so you will need to re-add it where necessary! This also removes any user-defined changes made to the price data, if you made any.)
Now, open a new chart window with AAPL. The new chart should display the latest/corrected price values.
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Why not simply "Reload chart data" from AAPL chart's right-click context menu?
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