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Author: gohyangxu
Creation Date: 4/13/2017 8:35 AM
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i am currently sourcing for a backtesting system for my traders.

like to ask a few questions

1. does your system support futures backtesting?

2. does your system allow backtesting for portfolio

3. does your system accounts for futures contract continuation

4. is there an autotrading feature available?

5. is your system compatible with CQG or TT xtrader?

6. does your system have optimization?

7. is your system able to backtest custom spread?

8. does your system support intraday backtesting?

9. is there a customer service or tutorial available?

10. are there a wide range of performace indicators?

thanks and regards

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I recommend that you take a look at this convenient bullet point list: Wealth-Lab 6 Features

To answer your questions:

1, 2 - Yes.

3 - There's no built-in support for creating continuous contracts in Wealth-Lab. It's the job of the data provider developer to create continuous contracts from multiple individual contracts when such data is imported from your source.

4 - Automatic paper trading comes out of the box. Third party solutions like smoothly integrate automated order placement for brokers like IB with Wealth-Lab.

5 - No.

6 - Yes, including WFO and custom optimizers.

7- Yes, if by spreads you mean pair trading.

8 - Sure.

9 - At the moment, customer service is provided through the forum and support portal.

10 - Of course, including plugins.
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3. i suppose futures intraday data is not provided as i only saw

a)dow30 yahoo
b) indices yahoo
c)nasdaq 100 yhaoo
d)s&p 100 yahoo
e) wealth-lab 100

my traders are using CQG for futures intraday data. CQG can create cont contracts

5. it is mentioned that you system is not compatiable with CQG. therefore i cannot import the futures intraday data from CQG to your system to do backtesting?


thanks and regards
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3. Take a look at 30+ data provider plugins in our gallery for paid customers: Extensions. After switching to Provider category, you should see a lot more options - including IQFeed which supports intraday real-time futures data with backfill. This is the most straightforward way of getting futures intraday data into Wealth-Lab (IQFeed subscription required).

5. I thought you asked about transmitting orders to CQG (not supported). There's no ready-made data provider for CQG. But if you tell me (or point towards a web page) about its data export features, i.e. what data format can your CQG software (which one?) export the data to, like ASCII, Metastock or relational database, then it should help decide if it's possible to import into Wealth-Lab.
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5. so just to confirm that. after backtesting, orders cannot be transmitted to CQG to be executed. true?

thats unfortunate as majority of our traders are using CQG and TT xtrader.
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5. That's right.

The good news is that there is a tunkey solution for getting data from Interactive Brokers and automated order placement via IB created by a 3rd party. As you know, IB has wide coverage of futures across the globe. You might want to check out his forum replies and give it a try signing up for a free 10-day trial.
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