Refund subscribers when author is on holidays or vacation?
Author: Gamba
Creation Date: 4/30/2013 2:02 AM
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What about holidays? If I'm several weeks on holidays if it possible to stop the system or to make a refund for the subscribers?
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To quote the WealthSignals Legal Disclosures and Policies:

Ordinarily, no refunds are given once a subscriber’s initial trial period is over. WealthSignals will refund subscription fees upon request to Subscribers of a Trading System that has had its status changed to ´Under Review´ or a Trading System that has been suspended. Login to, then go to Support and open a new ticket for your Refund request. There are no refunds for Authors posting Trading Systems. Members ought to request a refund, If they are charged a subscription fee AFTER successfully requesting a cancellation, but the cancellation is only effective for periods beginning after the current subscription period ends.
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System trading doesn't allow for personal holidays - it's Murphy's Law that you'll miss your best opportunities for the year if you don't trade while traveling. You should make arrangements to support your systems, but if you plan not to trade for several days or more for this reason, put it in your system description so that potential subscribers can decide before they sign up.

In my experience of testing 3 WS systems for more than 6 months, it takes less 5 minutes to enter and verify signals for each system, so this should be only a small distraction.

That's my two cents, but feel free to argue with me.
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Cone, I totally agree with you, but there could be situations where it is not possible to access internet or
maybe think about an accident with an surgery or something. So I would prefer to have the possibility of refunding.

But at all I have the same opinion, that system trading should be as easy as possible and that I have to manage all trades,
without exceptions.
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Publishing a strategy is a personal commitment, as I see it.

1. Miss a buy opportunity, likely there will be others. Consequence is loss of opportunity. Miss a sell alert after you signaled your subscriber into a position may cost your subscribers money, a loss that could have been avoided,.
2. Because WLP is tied to my Fidelity account, there are few people I would trust as backup to run my strategy, so it's a personal commitment.
3. Already mentioned is connectivity while traveling.
4. To Cone's point, while running a strategy is less than five minutes / strategy-day, I would add "if there are no issues".
5. Recovery after missing several trading days could be some work over a period of time (when strategy is signaling "close" a position when the "open" was never signaled, for instance).

I'll keep my strategies in the "Sandbox" for now.

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I can add a #6. to my list of Publisher responsibilities, tracking corporate actions. This is a joint responsibility of the Publisher and the WealthSignals team. Dean Foods (symbol DF) spun off a subsidiary and issued shares of the subsidiary to owners of record. This dropped the value of DF in half while adding a position that the strategy is unaware of.. A Publisher should be advising his Subscribers of a course of action.

For specifics on DF. see the "Dean Foods Spinoff" thread .
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