Re-calculate Equity Curve in Visualizer
Author: kribel
Creation Date: 7/23/2016 9:12 AM
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Hi all!

I am working on my personal visualizer and I would like see how the back test results incl. the equity curve would look like if some trades were not there. All of it in my own visualizer.

Therefore I want to remove some Positions from SystemResults.Positions and re-calculate SystemResults.EquityCurve. The compound interest, that is caused by the removed Positions, should be taken in to account too. In other words the position sizes of all trades that are executed after the removed trades must be recalculated too.

Is there a way in WealthLab of doing it?

Many thanks!
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Hi Konstantin,

Unfortunately, there is no tool in Wealth-Lab to help you with this so you will have to recalculate everything re: SystemResults/SystemPerformance from scratch.
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