Quality and long-time fundamental data provider ?
Author: yurigagarin
Creation Date: 2/10/2017 8:40 AM
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Hello !

I have tried all the possible options of getting fundamental data (ycharts, msn, fred, morningstar).
Ycharts was the finest but it's almost dead now since they've changed their download policy.
I've tried several downloadable databases, but all of them are inconsistent.

The best data I have now is downloaded from gurufocus (i've managed to download .xls for all tickers) but it is still inconsistent especially back to 1990s.

Now I am going to try Bloomberg, but it's quite expensive, so I decided to ask the forum first:

Can you please give me an advise where to get the clear and full fundamental data for maximum number of tickers ?

If someone tried Bloomberg: can you please tell me whether I can download the historical fundamental data for all stocks? (do they have any limits?)
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BTW: I can share all the data I have from gurufocus. (.xls) Ask me if you need.