Program not closes some modal dialogs on default keys (Enter and Esc)
Author: mtowle
Creation Date: 12/6/2017 6:10 PM
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When clicking on the Log In to Fidelity button, one can type in their user name, password, and press ENTER to execute the login or ESC to cancel even though the focus is still on the password field. There are other spots where you cannot press the default keys (ENTER, ESC). I am aware of two locations where this is apparent. When creating a new dataset, on the last screen where the Finish button appears is one location. You type in your dataset name and press ENTER and nothing happens. Another place is the About screen where you should be able to press ENTER or ESC to get out of that screen and you cannot press ESC.

All screens should be checked for this functionality. These are the only places that I have noticed the issue. I'm sure there's more but I just want to let you know of the issue.
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While I'm on your side, we've been living with this inconformity for years (sadly). It's not that nobody noticed things like this before or failed to report them to Fidelity. It's just that unless a bug in the app is critical there's a little chance it gets fixed. And this is not even a bug - just a minor cosmetic imperfection that may bug you or me who like the keyboard shortcuts.
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