Exit positions at end of day?
Author: arthammond
Creation Date: 4/11/2009 2:32 PM
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I would like to hire someone to write trading scripts for me and then walk me through going live (to lazy to learn a new language). Does this site have a referral service or other method to obtain help?
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Just in case you haven't noticed it, there's a rule-based strategy wizard that requires no programming.

Search the site for something like "programmer hire" or "programmer wanted".
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strategy wizard is not detailed enough. for example, i don't find a pre-programmed rule to exit positions at end of day.

search engine is not efficient enough. for example, i find it only searches 6 months at a time. several search attempts turned up nothing for me.

it is mind-boggling to me that programmers for hire are not prominent and plentiful on this site. i would think that the business opportunities for this service are significant. i am personally in dire need of such services, programming and training.

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Like anything, the rule-based wizard has its limitations. Exiting positions at the end of day has to be performed in strategy code. This has been discussed and coded dozens of times on this forum, and to simplify your search there's a KB article in the Wealth-Lab 5 Wiki:

Intraday / Multi-Time Frame | Keep from holding positions overnight

Search engine has some problems. Probably you were including some short (2-4) letter words in your search. Try excluding the short words.
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