Probability to gain 10% more after a stock hits 10% gain
Author: supermagnetman
Creation Date: 10/4/2017 7:56 PM
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Just started using the program and I am severely handicapped because I have a new Dell XPS (actually new from last summer) and the text is ultra super tiny. I did hook up to my 60 inch TV with HDMI and some areas are almost useful. But, what little I have seen of the program looks interesting and worth the headaches from sitting 3 feet away from a 60 inch TV. (PS - I did read through and play with some of the Windows 10 scaling features and got it as good as it is).

Question - First -- I use a 10% gain strategy and generally re-evaluate both technical and fundamental information when a stock hits 10% gain. I am looking at it to see if it looks like it has the same probability to go up another 10% as it did when I first bought it. If not I sell and look for something else. It has worked well for the past couple years and now I am hoping that Wealth Lab can help me perfect the strategy. SO, is there a way to get WealthLab to look at a stocks data set and let me pick a start date and let it see how effective the strategy would be over say the past year. I can see the chart with the data and if WealthLab can't do it easily I hope I can figure out how to dump the data to Excel - which can easily do this analysis. Any thoughts?
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It's not clear to me what your objective is. Are you looking to evaluate the probability of gaining 10% more after the first 10% gain and if it's low, not take a 2nd position in the same stock? Or do you want to review the strategy's year to year performance? The latter can be easily achieved on the "By Period" tab, for example.
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It's an optimization question/task. You need to evaluate the strategy with 10% and 20% profit targets. Just add a Strategy Parameter for the profit target and run an optimization. Here's an example that you can play with by optimizing. :

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