Pring KST indicator
Creation Date: 6/17/2015 4:20 PM
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is is possible to create an indicator kst ( know sure thing) based from martin pring

The formula box below shows the four different combinations with their default settings. These combinations are then weighted and summed. The shortest time frame carries the least weight (1) and the longest time frame carries the most weight (4). A 9-period simple moving average is added as a signal line.

RCMA1 = 10-Period SMA of 10-Period Rate-of-Change
RCMA2 = 10-Period SMA of 15-Period Rate-of-Change
RCMA3 = 10-Period SMA of 20-Period Rate-of-Change
RCMA4 = 15-Period SMA of 30-Period Rate-of-Change

KST = (RCMA1 x 1) + (RCMA2 x 2) + (RCMA3 x 3) + (RCMA4 x 4)

Signal Line = 9-period SMA of KST

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If you still need it by early July, we'll include KST in upcoming release of Community Indicators library. At least you'll have some time to digest the other 3 indicator requests from today. ;)
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