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Author: thyname
Creation Date: 4/5/2011 9:11 AM
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I hope I am not the only one talking to myself here. Apart from the very generous and kind help I have received from Cone and Eugene in my previous rookie posts, I have yet to see much activity in "community pages". Let us go back to business.

I have added/downloaded all the community strategies in my WLP. I have played with some of them, but unfortunately for me, these strategies are built on code not on rules, which makes them difficult to edit (for example changing the exit rule). Any way to get around this without learning the code?

Also, I am looking for some "intraday" strategies on 30 min or 5 min charts from those pre-built strategies I have downloaded. Any that you recommend?

And the last one, anything from William O'Neil, the founder of ibd? and better yet from the new book from Gil Morrales and Chris Kacher "something about O'neil disciple" Pocket Pivot strategy.

Thanks a lot! I hope it is not too much.
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Any way to get around this without learning the code?
I'm afraid not. There's only so much you can do with the Rules wizard, and generally you get a point where you need to code a rule or two manually.

William O'Neil doesn't advocate intraday trading, but now that we can get more than 6 years of fundamental history from the YCharts provider, it would be worthwhile seeing if it all the data required for CANSLIM is there. Of course, non-numeric data like a change in management or new product wouldn't be available, but a reasonable semblance of the system could be attempted.
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We can get up to 30 years of fundamental items from this vendor.

* C = Current earnings. Available
* A = Annual earnings. ???
* N = New product or service. N/A, or "new high" as Robert suggested here.
* S = Supply and demand. Volume, available.
* L = Leader or laggard? a.k.a. the Relative Price Strength Rating (RPSR). The toughest part probably but one can safely substitute it with her/his own vision of leadership.
* I = Institutional sponsorship. Probably N/A in YCharts data (WLP may have it??), but a snapshot value for a screener can be obtained from the internet.
* M = Market indexes. Available, of course.
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Cone, thanks for chiming in! What is your favorite intraday strategy you monitor and generate signals intraday through strategy monitor, if you don't mind sharing?
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