Practical uses of high-low swing pivots
Author: cheers32
Creation Date: 4/10/2017 2:23 AM
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Hi, I saw some posts with high-low swing pivots. I created something similar, in order to identify the major swings, and to illustrate the past trends.

However, I'm not very familiar with practical uses of these pivots. I can think of only 3 things, 1) average the past k number of up swings and down swings, and compare with the current swing; 2) use for Fib retracement 3) use it for visual elliot wave counter.

Would anyone point me out where to find good ways to apply these swings as in profitable strategies?

Thanks a lot!
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Hi Wei,

I can think of only 3 things,

Here's more:

4) average the past k number of up swings and down swings, and use that as an adaptive lookback:

Adaptive Lookback
WLMA (Wealth-Lab Moving Average)

5) Use something else than a percent/ATR/dollar-based measurement for swing detection. How about candlestick patterns? We've got it, too:

TASC 2013-07 | The Step Candle Pattern (Vervoort)

P.S. While not related directly...
6) ...the underlying functions can be used to detect divergences and other chart patterns:

How to Compare Last Trough to Previous Trough

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