Please post translated published Top 25 chartscripts
Author: sgubba
Creation Date: 2/14/2009 1:57 PM
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Please post here if anyone who could translate the published Top 25 (scan list as on old WL website) scripts translated from 4.5 for WL DotNet Version. I appreciate in advance as many end users could benefit since debugging is not easy thing to do. Thanks in advance.
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The Top 25 changes from time to time, however, some of the Most Popular ChartScripts are available in pure C#. For instance, Neo Master comes out of the box, Hershey Equities Chartscript could be found on the forum, Wyckoff spring setup (ActiveTrader Mag 07-2008), 33 Liner, SuperBands with Linear Regression Analysis and Myst's CCI X-Dev are in WL5 Wiki. Others like 'BB 20 2 RSI 10 30 50 9 MAX', MACD Trades, Elder's Force Index (Smoothed), Turtle Trader Covey and QQQQ and QID Trader are trivial and could be converted in a flash.
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