Author: streak
Creation Date: 8/11/2011 12:46 AM
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In making an indicator library, an optional band (incorrectly) uses the 'primary' bands series. This is when using drag and drop and associated wizard. Plotted independently, each band can be made from different series.

IE this is a Pivot series where generally the top band would work off bar highs & lower band work off bar lows.

In the 'Helper' code defaults Fidelity's pdf lists a few defaults that have been implemented, however, There are only two (PartnerBandIndicatorType & DefaultBandColor).

Have there been any additions like DefaultBandSeries, which would seem to be the most important band default to have?

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The partner indicator has to share the primary Bars object which is working correctly and by design. There were no additions.

P.S. To track API changes, follow this KB article:

Programming | Wealth-Lab 6.x API Changes

The list is unofficial and therefore incomplete but it highlights the key developments properly.
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Thanks Eugene

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