Out on the stop with the coup
Author: dasver
Creation Date: 3/6/2016 4:28 AM
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I am a new from Russia. At the heart of my algorithm is strategy "Out on the stop with the coup".Now I'm trying to white the core, but my sistem did only fisrt trade and did not continue. Can U help me to find a mistake?Who should I contact?
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Hi there,

If it's a multi-position system, then the use of the single-position strategy template is incorrect. As I don't want to make assumptions, could you post here the exact trading rules in plain English? Does the strategy hold multiple positions? There may be a different design pattern for what you're trying to accomplish.

P.S. Note: Don't put the code from XML file in attachment like that: it's a drag to open, fix HTML entities, and format it manually. Instead, simply paste it from the Strategy window and use the CODE (#) button to have it nicely formatted here.
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