Old (wl4) Website
Author: CDNPatriot
Creation Date: 3/17/2015 6:10 AM
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Is the old Wealthlab website available?

I had a bunch of scripts there any way to access them?

Is there anyway to run scans on the new website using the old scripts?
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"CDNPatriot" (Paolo Staffieri) aka "PatriotOne" (Marco Medica) / or whatever name you have today,

Well, this is the fourth topic you've raised with this question (#1, #2, #3) but this time it's going to be final: we have shut down the old website permanently. No access to saved scripts and other content. Scans can be run in Wealth-Lab 6, to obtain it see here.

If after several years of pirate usage someone would've become a loyal customer then such user wouldn't have to worry about his/her scripts. Just one quick proof of unauthorized usage:

3/6/2006: custom columns - was a WLD3/4 feature
10/8/2007: scans on intraday scale - was impossible to do on wl4 website
More than 1 1/2 years between the incidents and constant support activity (unpaid) in between
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