Not getting alerts for my strategy
Author: TenOC
Creation Date: 10/23/2017 4:49 PM
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I am new to Weath-Lab Pro. 6.9. I have set up a data set with 49 stock and a simple moving average crossover strategy. When I did the backtest I got 350 trades but no alerts.

I had Fidelity activate WL for me, I am attempting to do some paper trade in paperaccount1 which has $200K of Buying power. I only get 3 alerts. When I look at the graphs of a number of the stocks I should be getting a buy alert for most of them.

When I look at the backtest trades is see that it shows open positions.

1. Any suggestions?

2. I there a good video that shows how to use WL? I have looked at the short videos on Fidelity webpage..

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Added : simple moving average crossover strategy with an OR fast MA is above slow MA.

I should be getting a buy alert for most of them since the fast MA is above the slow MA
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You'll find the reason behind not getting alerts in this Wealth-Lab Wiki FAQ > Alerts are not triggered. Typically this is due to AtClose orders.

If that doesn't instantly resolve your question you have to be specific: tool in use (Strategy window or Strategy Monitor), exact Strategy rules, data loading settings, DataSet, bar scale.

P.S. Look for good video tutorials on our Youtube channel and some more in the Wiki: Tutorial Videos section.
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