How to try Strategy Monitor in WL5.4 for non-US resident?
Author: iliakan
Creation Date: 7/9/2009 6:32 AM
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I somehow managed to download WL 5.4.
It is cute and optimizer rocks, but I can't monitor strategy without Fidelity account.

But I'm non US/Canada resident.

Where should I get the proper WL5 to try Strategy Monitor in action?
On I see only 5.1.

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We're hoping to release a WL Developer 5.4 build (with Optimizer) sometime this month. Watch the Home page on this site and in WLD for a notification when it's ready.
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And what about 5.3 ? I could find 5.1 only on this site.
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Wealth-Lab Pro 5.3 is too available for U.S. and Canadian residents with qualified Fidelity trading accounts.
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