No EOD Data in Trial Version of WLD
Author: camaleo
Creation Date: 5/18/2017 11:58 PM
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Hello all. I am new here and installed a trial version.

But, there is no data.

Sorry but my english is very poor.

I would like to experiment the trial version with end of day data...

Is that possible?

Thank you for any help

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By saying "no data" you refer to Yahoo downloads being down due to major breaking change at Yahoo (see Yahoo! Data Not Updating for Last Session). Despite that, Wealth-Lab Developer comes with Wealth-Data provider preinstalled. Sign up at, then in Wealth-Lab open "Data Manager" and type in your credentials on its "Wealth-Data" tab. Now you can create a new DataSet using Wealth-Data and update it.
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Thank you very much.

It seems it is working.

I will try to use the plataform...

Thank you again...
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We're pleased to announce that the Yahoo provider has been fully restored. You can simply update the extension now straight from Wealth-Lab's Extenson Manager (Tools menu) or download the updated 6.9 installer package from our website.
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