New trend indicator: MSR by David Varadi
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 10/29/2010 11:45 AM
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A New Trend Indicator: MSR

MSR= (10-day median of (H, L, C) – 20-day MAX (H, L, C))/(20-day MAX (H, L, C))
then take the 252-day percentrank of MSR or percentile ranking

long trades initiated>.5
short trades are initiated<.5

I understood the "(20-day MAX (H, L, C))" as Highest High of 20 days (give it a thought).

Requires Community Indicators library installed.

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Hum. Does GetMedian give you the result you want? The code for GetMedian looks correct; however, it seems like you would need to sort the prices before calling GetMedian if you wanted to get the median value.
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Never hurts having someone reviewing your code as you said earlier ;)

My bad, I forgot to sort the List<double> prices before calling GetMedian. Thank you for spotting the bug.
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You're welcome.

That's why I prefer to put the sort within methods like this. It is easy to forget to sort the list before you call the method. You might lose a little performance calling sort each time if it is already sorted, but most algorithms are quick if the data is already in the right order.
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