If up by x%, buy limit + OCO exit
Author: rij1127
Creation Date: 12/1/2015 1:20 PM
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See attached PDF for rules.
Call me with any questions.

Thank you!
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Using PDF attachment is an overkill for one paragraph of text, don't you find it?
1. If XYZ is up by x%, then buy $ (i.e., up 0.5%)
2. OCO (one cancels the other) order:
a. Stop limit:
i. Stop price down x% (i.e., down 1%)
ii. Limit price down y% (down 2.5%)
b. Trailing stop limit:
i. Stop price down x% (i.e., down 4%)
ii. Limit price down y% (down 6.5%)
3. If stopped out, repeat steps 1 and 2 above: buy if XYZ is up by x% and add OCO order.
4. For each purchase, use $ balance from sale proceeds (using margin as needed to
bypass cash settlement restrictions)

The problem with Stop/Limit orders is threefold:

a) they require programming and currently are not available using Rules
b) they can only be implemented for backtesting and couldn't generate Alerts in real trading
c) in existing implementation there's no such thing as "trailing stop limit" or maybe I just don't understand the concept.

If not for the stop limit orders, you wouldn't even need assistance with composing the idea from building blocks in a Rule-based strategy. Almost everything is in place:

1. "Price higher by X%...",
2. OR divider,
a. Sell at stop loss
b. Sell at percent based trailing stop
3, 4. Then rest is done automatically by the program.
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