Monthly or Quarterly Rotation strategy from basket of three ETFs (SPY,EFA,EEM)
Creation Date: 2/22/2013 2:02 PM
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Is there a code for month end or quarter end ETF rotation strategy. For example, I would like to use one ETF from the list SPY,EFA,EEM based on highest RSI(14).

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The built-in "RSI Rotation" strategy should do the job, all you have to do is follow advice in this FAQ on reverting its sorting order to keep symbol with the highest RSI:

FAQ | Strategies and WealthScript > I need other rotation rule other than the built-in RSI.

Then in your DataSet of the 3 ETFs, step on any 1 symbol (remember not to run a rotational strategy in multi-symbol mode), set "n Symbols" to 1, and switch the chart to Monthly or Quarterly. Extremely simple. All set.
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