Modify "Moving Average Crossover" for EMA
Author: tommoyer
Creation Date: 11/6/2018 6:06 PM
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Hi Eugene

Under Trend Following folder exists a strategy called...Moving Average Crossover This is an SMA based strategy. I tried to modify it using the editor function and change it to an EMA strategy. After a few hours of trying had to give up. Eugene...could you please add EMA Moving Average Crossover to the list. Your knowledge of WLP is amazing and it would probably take you 10 min. Thanks for all the help you have given to Fidelity clients over the years. I called Fidelity at the 823-0175 number for help building this strategy and they referred me to this Forum. They are not being trained on WLP per the rep. Years ago I spoke with Jim Wood in Dallas and he had the necessary training to answer my questions. Thanks
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Hi Tomas,

Thank you for your kind words.

Let me second our Wiki FAQ (How do I get started learning Wealth-Lab?) and suggest using the Rule Wizard for this purpose (New Strategy from Rules, Ctrl-Shift-R). There you can come up with EMA Crossovers in a minute and then "Open Code in new Strategy window" if required. You'll find more detail in the Wealth-Lab User Guide > Strategy Window > Strategy Builder chapter.

Or simply copy/paste this EMA crossover code below. Make sure you load enough data to run it properly (at least 3 times the slow EMA period) as per the WealthScript Programming Guide > Indicators > Stability of Indicators (for EMA is an "unstable" one):

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Thanks Eugene....I will give it a shot
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