Math Functions
Author: StkLab
Creation Date: 8/23/2008 9:34 AM
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Did we drop some of the math functions in WL5? Don't see the ArcTan function anymore.
Are we going to get them back? When?
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From Wealth-Lab 5.0 (.NET) Tips & Info:
"Missing" functions
If you can't find am equivalent function in WealthScript of WLP5, think .NET instead. For example, this applies to:

. File operations (StreamReader, StreamWriter etc)
. Mathematical functions (System.Math),
. String operations (String)
. TLists (List, ArrayList, SortedList, Hashtable and more)

NB: There are functions missing for a reason (i.e. WatchList operation).

Math.Atan Method
Math.Atan2 Method
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