March 13 2013 data?
Author: haytac
Creation Date: 6/24/2016 6:58 PM
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Fortunately this happens only on one machine
- I was in 1 minute stream mode this morning and all was working as expected
- Sometime in late morning the price pane started showing March 13, 2013
- I erased all files generated by WL Pro and restarted Windows: no change
- On another machine things are proceeding smoothly
I am at loss to explain what happened here? Any ideas, suggestions are appreciated.
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- Check the Date Range dropdown settings.
- What's up with your PC clock?
- Have you changed any regional settings in Windows (like date format etc)?
- How about a full size streaming screenshot?
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Thanks Eugene,
Still do not know what caused the problem but here is how it was resolved:
- I noticed that running my code with .IXIC worked fine
- Data Manager Update has a feature: Delete data not on data sets
- I took out .SPX out of the data set and did an update
- Then I put .SPX back in
- Started my 1 minute code
- Since the box update upon demand was checked it went searching for data
- Back to normal now
- Running Malware and Defender checks on this PC
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