Like to see MS123 and Fidelity work together so as no issue gets seen as "their" problem
Author: mikesblack
Creation Date: 1/30/2012 8:19 PM
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Over the 2-3 years working with WLPRO I have come to appreciate the program developers desire and efforts to maintain and support their product. That said, I do think there is a disconnect with MS123 ( this site) and Fidelity that creates the illusion of passing the buck. In some cases it almost seems adversarial. Can't imagine the terms of your contract, but it is clear that division is real and unfortunately leaves the end user confused and at times, stuck.

Specifically, the data issue Fidelity is having is somehow both a vendor issue and a software compatibility issue as I can tell through a conversation with the Fidelity people. No place here or on the Fidelity web site does anyone go into detail about this issue. It took numerous calls to get some basis for what is actually happening, but till then, no one was willing to get to the details.

That said Cone, I believe that because you haven't seen too many others squeaking on the data download issue, somehow this user must be misunderstanding that there mustn't be a problem, or ideas to that effect. That message in the ticketed items to me was insulting, assuming I read your message correctly, because it has been a real problem for me.

Somehow developers, please work with Fidelity to make the end user aware of all relevant issues. The division is palpable and also recognized internally at Fidelity as an issue. At the end of the day, I don't care about your manors or lack there of,etc., but please,please recognize the issues that ARE a problem and try to make good on them, even if it might be from Fidelity. Thank you!
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Somehow developers, please work with Fidelity to make the end user aware of all relevant issues.

For quite some time since 2011, we maintain this list of live bugs in the Wealth-Lab Wiki:

Open Issues

There's a link on the Wiki home page.
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