LINQ and DataSeries
Author: ichechet
Creation Date: 11/12/2015 2:39 AM
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The LINQ technology is the best way to make queries like SQL. It can filter, aggregate, group, sort and so on.

The question: Is it possible to use DataSeries object for LINQ? Or should I convert it to List object?
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LINQ can already be used in code-based strategies after checking System.Core in "References..." dialog. For example:

Yahoo! Data - Change Perform Split Adjustment from inside Strategy?

While Wealth-Lab's DataSeries itself doesn't support LINQ, since v2014.12 of Community Components you could use the new extension method DataSeries.ToList(). For sample usage of LINQ for DataSeries, please see post #9 here:

How to read double array into DataSeries
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Just for convenience, documented ToList in the Wiki.
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