Japanese historical data
Author: pokerlar
Creation Date: 2/21/2006 5:05 PM
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does anyone know how to get japanese stock symbols and historical daily bars data?

also, does anyone have any knowledge of trading costs and spreads as compared to u.s markets.

thanks in advance.
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If you read Japanese MSN Japan is a good bet.

Even if not, MSN US does have Japanese quotes, for example:
Mitsui Fudosan
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Back to this.

I have tried to create datasets using the MSN thing.

I have tried putting in the symbols 7203 (Toyota Motor) and JP: 7203

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Obviously, both symbols will not work. 7203 because it doesn't have a prefix for the MSN thing to recognize it. And JP: 7203 is two symbols because space or comma is a separator char -- as the New DataSet Wizard suggests.

The right symbol is JP:7203.
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Domo Arigato.
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A little more help.

So I downloaded a Japanese symbol list and I get a bunch of error no data when I try to download OHLCV data into WL, but the download works fine otherwise. When I try to run a backtest (and I have clicked off Update Data on Demand) the screen shows Collecting Data and takes a VERY long time to cycle through the dataset.

Any thoughts/suggestions on how to improve this other than delete the symbols that show error no data. Is there a way to do this automatically?

Thank you.

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Perform the daily update with the Data Manager and turn off on-demand for Y! and MSN providers when testing datasets.
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For anyone who might be reading this topic: the MSN provider has been permanently decommissioned due to breaking changes to the website.
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