Is latest Economic data available in WLP?
Author: dicknorth
Creation Date: 1/19/2016 5:20 PM
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The latest unemployment data that can be downloaded ends in early 2013 then just
remains a constant value afterwards. (Same with housing starts).

Is more current data available?

I am building a program that buys the SPY when the unemployment data
falls below its 7 month moving average- and sell on the reverse.

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Fidelity economic indicator data were decommissioned last year (or maybe it was 2014). It even says it in the Data Manager since at least version 6.8: "Fidelity Economic Data (Decommissioned)"

Which version of WLPro are you using?

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I am in Fidelity's Private Client group and qualified to us WLP.

I am using WLP
(and yes, i know that there is a 6.9 out there!)

3) And yes, I now see where it says "Decommissioned" for the Economic Indicator Data
But there is a check box to get the old data- for what purposes escapes me.

Thanks for pointing that out-

So the next question is why can't the updated
data be added? Monthly data for a handful of series should not be that difficult.

Who would be the best person to talk to in Fidelity about this?
(Volker, Kent?)

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If you need to talk to someone in the know, it's Kent. But if you need the data this year, it might be more productive to investigate using the YCharts Provider.
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In addition to Cone's suggestion to use "[yc] unemployment rate" by YCharts (though you probably have to be their paid subscriber to get more than a sample of the last few quarters), unemployment numbers could be obtained with Multpl economic data provider as "[mu] unemployment" and FRED static provider where it's called UNRATE. Both are part of MS123 Extra Fundamental/News Providers extension.
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