Is it possible to hide "Backtesting provides..." message?
Author: GolfPlayer
Creation Date: 1/12/2016 3:05 PM
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this warning it the bottom of the WLD Performance screen "Backtesting provides a hipnotical calculation of how a security....."
It takes a lot of screen place.
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You're talking about the standard Performance visualizer... it's not possible to change that, but you can right click and copy the data to a spreadsheet if it's too bothersome.
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I want to see Annualized gain % and Maximum drawdown% at the same screen without scrolling. But it is not possible because of this warning and text box with hints in the bottom of the Performance screen...
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That warning is very subtle and takes 50px at best.

Maximize the strategy/WL window and you'll see them both w/o scrolling. Don't forget to configure your display at 96 DPI.

To squeeze more blood out of a turnip you may hide Function toolbar and/or Navigation bar (but mind the missing "Save/Save as" bug then).
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