Is data fetched through fidelity on the fly or is it stored?
Author: gregg
Creation Date: 9/11/2008 8:50 AM
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I have a chartscript that looks at lots of symbols > 100, If the data is fetched through fidelity on the fly, is it stored on the hard drive, or will it be re-fetched every time I restart Wealth-Lab.

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It depends on the process requesting the data, how much data you request, if the symbol already has had a request for "All Data", and the scale. This combination is somewhat optimized so as not to affect app performance. For example, storing a 1-min bar after every Strategy Monitor request for 100 1-min symbols is an intensive disk operation for 400,000 bars per file (20MB), so these are not stored. However, for scales 10 minutes (I think) and higher, the updates are stored.
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This is for daily data, so I guess it would be stored then,
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