Intraday Dividends
Author: Cone
Creation Date: 8/24/2008 4:48 PM
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For Versions 5.0 and 5.1, we recommend that you turn off the "Apply Dividends" option in the Backtest Settings Preferences (F12). A problem exists that causes dividends to be added once for every bar on the ex-date.

Thanks to DartboardTrader for identiyfing that a problem existed!

Since we're on the subject, more problems with dividends:

1. Daily:
Dividends are paid for purchases on the ex-date (but should not be).

2. Weekly:
a. Dividends are paid only if the dividend ex-date falls precisely on the Position's entry date. (See Note)
b. Dividends are not paid even if the entry and exit dates envelope the ex-date.

3. Monthly:
In no case are dividends paid.

Note: For Weekly and Monthly trading, dividends should be paid for Positions held on the bar whose date is on or after the ex-date. This applies consistently for AtMarket Strategies since W/M bars are datestamped at the end of the period in Version 5 and trades would be entered at the beginning of the period. Stop/Limit/Close strategies would require bar-before-ex-date logic ... anyway, there's work to be done here.
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