Intraday-Datafeed for European Customers?
Author: kurt.gruenzweil
Creation Date: 3/16/2009 4:37 PM
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Which external intraday DataFeed is actually working für European Non-Fidelity Wealth-Lab5 Customers?
eSignal and QCharts are obviously not integrated anymore, as it was in wealth-lab4. Otherwise I would find it in the data-manager.

So, which data-feed does actually work?
(If I can't get a solution I'm forced to not extend my license payments anymore.)

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There is a 3rd party intraday-enabled solution called MTiQs (+Extension).

Esignal and QuoteTracker will be eventually added, IQFeed is likely to appear sooner. Sorry but there is a reason for delaying both Developer 5.3 and the data providers.
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Keep in mind that you can keep eSignal DataSources with Version 4 and use Version 5's "WL4 Provider" adapter (included in installation) to read those static DataSources.
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Eugene, MultiQuoteServer is not a datafeed. As far as I understood? It is a layer (a database) between multiple data providers and certain software packages like wealth-lab or excel.
MultiQuoteServer is still a very "beta-like" software. It looks very unstable. On my computer I can't even shut down the program without using the task-manager. Because it's free, I don't complain. I wonder if it's fast and stable enough for intraday realtime applications and trading. I didn't test it yet fully. Any experiences in this context?

Intraday ESignal-feed once had the problem of not showing the first bar of an intraday-timeframe correctly (e.g. the first minute, first 15 minutes etc.) Since the first bars provide extremly valueable information for certain trading strategies(e.g. opening price principle, volume trends etc.) this is useless.
Does this problem still exist?

Cone, thanks for your hint. But it is somehow ridiculous. I upgrade to a more modern version of a software, pay additional license fees (hard earned money) and than get the proposal, to use parts of the old system further, since the new one still doesn't provide full functionality (for a European Customer). I feel the wealth-lab team is still oweing me something ;-)

Since Eugene mentioned IQFeed, I asked them an they wrote back that 'IQFeed is compatible with all Wealth Lab products so that will be no problem'. I still don't know what this actually means. So I don't know if I need an adapter, and if "yes", which one.
Does anybody use IQFeed to feed wealth-lab?. Any experiences (before I make my own)?

I'd like to conclude by make a suggestion as one little nerving customer. I'm always scanning for other solutions available in the dynamic market of trading software. I'm also watching competitors to waelth-lab. That I'm still using (or better 'trying to use') wealth-lab5 is thanks my sentimantality towards the - in my oppinion - exceptional Wealth-Lab4.
One thing I like of RightEdgeSystems, and I'd also like to have that for wealth-lab too, is this: their philosophy or principle, NOT to hold back new useful features until new major releases are issued, but to publish them by immediately as they ar ready, by minor releases, due to the benefit of the paying customers. As a wealth-lab5 customer, I'm already waiting for a quite long time for wealth-lab5.3. Many problems that are discussed in this formum are unsolved since early 2008 and said to be solved in 5.3.
But we don't know when 5.3. will be issued.

So that's enough for the day.


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Sorry but the problem of delaying Wealth-Lab Developer 5.3 has very little to do with the technical side (i.e. development).

We are going to release the V5 versions of IQFeed and QuoteTracker adapters shortly. Delaying the release of adapters, from the technical standpoint, is caused by a couple of deficiencies in Wealth-Lab 5.0-5.3 that affect international markets and thereby either had to be seriously worked around, or even wait until 5.4.

IQFeed has a free trial and overall offers good service.
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