Intraday 1 min buy on current bar?
Author: HeidiK
Creation Date: 9/10/2008 7:27 AM
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Hi everyone. Using 1 min intraday charts. Trying to set up an automated by/sell program. Is there a way to generate a buy signal on the current bar? I will try to be more clear. Previous bar, stock closes at $10. Current bar opens at $10 then the price starts to move up, closing at $10.20. I want to buy in at 10.01. How do I avoid waiting until the bar closes before generating a buy signal? Also, I do not want to hold any positions overnight. I want to write code for stopping all buys at approx. 3:55 pm and selling all open positions approx. 3:58. Hope someone can help. Thanks
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BuyAtStop( bar + 1 );

Look, you must execute signals on the next bar in order not to peek. This is how you trade in real life, but you're just thinking about it in the wrong way.

The right way is, "today (this current bar) the market closed at 10. Tomorrow (the next bar) I'll put in a buy at stop order for 10.01."
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