Include Ulcer Performance Index in Optimizer?
Author: Ray60
Creation Date: 8/11/2009 1:56 PM
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Cone or Eugene,

I just discovered the Ulcer Index is calculated under the Extended Scorecard option in the trading optimizer.

What are the chances of including the Ulcer Performance Index [(Return - Risk Free Return)/ Ulcer Index] in a future Version?
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Looking at Standard Perfscript, Ulcer Index should be painless to include in Community.Visualizers, Performance Extras. But since it's under the Extended Scorecard, we need to make sure we're not duplicating efforts.

Robert, when you have time, could you please do me a favor and check if Ulcer is already planned for 5.6?
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No plans to include that one, though it could be a mistake. Let me check it out.

- Edit -
Several metrics on the Extended Scorecard were left out of the Performance view. I seem to remember that this was part of the "simplification" effort.
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Thank you. I'm bookmarking this thread.
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Edit (link fixed)

It looks as if Ray60's asking for a different thing i.e. include a derivative of the Ulcer Index in Extended Scorecard. This is not planned.

To sweeten the pill, next planned update of MS123 Visualizers will bring the Ulcer Performance Index, Ulcer Index, Luck Coefficient and Pessimistic Rate of Return in Performance+.
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Community.Visualizers 2009.09 will bring the ability to optimize and rank strategies based on the performance metrics in which the Wealth-Lab user community is interested: Ulcer Performance Index, APD Ratio, APAD Ratio, Lake Ratio, K-Ratio, MAR Ratio, Performance Ratio as well as some others (Max Drawdown of closed equity, Select Net Profit and the MEGAN Ratio).
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