Importing ASCII files for same security in differe
Author: jaychim
Creation Date: 3/29/2009 8:48 PM
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Hello, I am a newbie in Wealth-lab.
I have some ASCII files with the price data for one single security in different time interval. (E.g. price per hour, 30 Minutes and 5 Minutes...)
Could I import them into one DataSet? If so, what should I set the interval and scale while I am importing the data?

I am using WL Dev

Thanks for reading. =)

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Hello Jay,

Basically the answer is no, it's not possible natively - a DataSet must have one basis time frame.

However, after creating the individual ASCII data sets for each included time interval, you can combine them with the help of Dave Aronow's WatchList Provider in one dataset. (More information here.)
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