Import data from Brazil
Author: abati_dv
Creation Date: 9/5/2019 12:42 AM
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how could i import data from stocks here?
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In addition to using Yahoo! provider (click) to get the EOD data for Brazil stocks from Y!, during free trial you have the option to import data in ASCII and Metastock formats. This assumes you've got some data from 3rd party vendors in compatible format.

After purchase you get access to lots of Extensions for Wealth-Lab, including many data providers. It's not necessarily that they have Brazil data, I'd say it's seldom. If you have some candidates, be it paid data vendors or just websites with free historical data, you're more than welcome to suggest them here! Especially if it's something that Yahoo! doesn't offer - say intraday data for stocks or any futures data. If we consider them interesting and feasible, there may be potential to create a new data provider for Brazilians.
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What brazilian data provider would you like to see?
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