Implement a custom indicator using drag and drop Rules?
Author: optionski
Creation Date: 9/23/2015 3:56 PM
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I am new to wealth-lab pro, but know basic programming. I want to get started with some simple-ish ideas that I have found useful ... and was wondering if there are tutorials that will help? Can I implement them with the drop and drag features?

For example: I would like to use 30 minute bars. I would like to create my own indicator, which is like:
INDICATOR = 8 period SMA minus 17 period EMA

Then at the end of each bar (each 30 minute period) I check to see
IF INDICATOR > INDICATOR of 2 bars previous + CONSTANT (like 2.5)
INDICATOR(of previous period) > INDICATOR of 3 bars previous + CONSTANT (like 2.5)
THEN new buy signal

Easy to do?
thanks so much,
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Welcome to the forums Rick. Here are some tutorials you might find useful:

Education @ Youtube
Tutorial Videos
Wiki FAQ > How do I get started learning Wealth-Lab?

Rule-based strategies are not meant for combining indicators into one although you can easily do this in code. For what it's worth:

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