IQFeed data still goes back to 2015 after trial
Author: akardar1
Creation Date: 1/19/2017 10:58 PM
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Hi Gang,

I have just signed up to IQFeed.
I am able to connect to the IQFeed servers.

However, I am seeing something strange.
I am looking at about 25 futures products and they only go back to about 2015 (despite having selected ALL DATA with daily bars)

I am aware that during the free trial, you can only see data going back to 2015, but I am now a live subcriber and still only seeing data going back to 2015. (I have deleted the recreated the portfolios also)

To add to the mystery, if i look at another contract (outside of my 25 products, so a contract that I did not look at during my 7 day trial), they go back a little furthe, 2005, despite IQfeed telling me that they see the data going back to 1995.

Any ideas on this one ?
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Hi Adrian,

There's no mystery. Deleting a DataSet (what you call "portfolio") does not affect its data. Its starting date is stuck at where you downloaded it i.e. from 2015. As opposed to refreshing the actual files, updating a new DataSet won't bring you the older data.

There are 3 applicable ways (out of 5) to reload (refresh) the data and thus set the new starting date to the maximum available for your non-trial subscription. Please check out this FAQ:

How to delete (e.g. broken) data files?, items #1-3
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Thank you Eugene
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You're welcome.
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