IQFeed connection error
Creation Date: 6/15/2015 11:52 AM
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i have updated ms 123, i still get iq feed connection error
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You haven't provided enough information and/or exact error text.

i have updated ms 123
Referring to what exactly?

iq feed connection error
Easiest answer: No IQFeed account.
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Are we supposed to guess what error are you getting? As I'm unable to do it, you won! :)

Please read this carefully: How to Report Bugs Effectively > "It doesn't work", then follow author's suggestions and summary. This article is really important to establish effective communication between us as it's not the first case of a one-liner problem "description" that leads to nowhere.

To start with, we need to know the following:

1. Not sure what "ms 123" did you update (and for what purpose) but have you installed the IQFeed static and streaming data provider?
2. Are you an active IQFeed subscriber with a paid account?
3.1. To which program does the connection error belong to?
3.2. If IQFeed Client, have you already contacted IQFeed support?
4. Exact error message text.
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ok got it
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