IPC Error when installing extensions
Author: redfox74
Creation Date: 11/9/2013 4:17 AM
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Hi Eugene,
i have a problem with the update of extensions.
I'm using windows 8.1 and when i try to update the extension i download it fine , but when i restar the operating system ask me my password then when restart wlab i have and ipc server error and if i reopen the extension pannel i have old revision of extension and not the new one.
Can you help me to solve ?
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You shouldn't restart the O.S. while updating/installing an extension. After installing the extension with the Extension Manager, you should restart Wealth-Lab (only) and then acknowledge the "successfully installed" dialog. Please try that.
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I don't restart the OS , i restart only wl not OS , when i restart appear the user dialog box that request me the password on windows 8
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Okay, it just confused me when you said, "but when i restar the operating system" :)

Nonetheless, I couldn't duplicate the error by restarting the O.S. in the middle of installing an extension.

* Make sure that your Windows account has Administrative privileges in order to install extensions. *
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Yes i yet doing that check and i upgrade the user to administrator privilege ... so now i can try to recreate a new user with administrator privilege at the begin ... the main problem is that with standard user with admin privilege the wlab don't start :(
Instead with a new user start but have that problem on extension ....
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Ciao Roberto,

Here's what you need to try when WL is giving you an IPC error:

Errors installing/updating Extensions > Failed to connect to an IPC Port: access denied

the main problem is that with standard user with admin privilege the wlab don't start :(

If Wealth-Lab crashes on start as you say, follow this General troubleshooting procedure:

Wealth-Lab crashes on start
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