INO Marketclub Trading Strategy
Author: tastoutdds
Creation Date: 1/24/2009 8:40 AM
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Does anyone know if there has been a stock trading strategy for INO Marketclub using Wealthlab 5? The strategy would buy after a stock trades higher than its previous 3 month high (or sell and go short after it trades lower than its previous 3 month low. Stops would be placed then on a previous 3 week high or low based on whether you were trading long or short. If you had been stopped out on a long you would reenter the market based on a new price above the previous 3 week high as long as the monthly chart was still saying go long. The opposite would be true if you were short. If anyone would like to discuss this further I can be reached at
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A search on our forum for INO and Marketclub returns only this topic, so I assume that it hasn't been coded for Wealth-Lab yet. Sounds pretty simple although I'm uncertain if a 3-month high refers to calendar months or just the last 12 weeks. (The code below assumes the latter) Nor am I certain if the signals are triggered on "touch" or on a Daily or Weekly close. (The code below assumes the latter).

Here's a shot at it. V5.3 and below has a bug with switching scales more than once, so this must be run with Weekly bars only.

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