I am looking for a programmer
Author: gbw00007
Creation Date: 9/26/2008 4:52 PM
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I am looking for a programer that will help me write/implemented Simuscript from wealth pro 4.5

to compare 2 (or a portfolio of) stocks. I want to use an exogenous number divided by current price to determent my investment decision.
For example stock a 30/ divided by a current price of 15=2.
Stock b 40/ divided by a current price of 10= 4.

So if I have 100 to spend stock a gets 33% of money 2/6 (sum of a and b). Stock b gets 66% of money 4/6. As current prices move around I will have the ability to rebalance my portfolio.
I may want to limit the amount that can go any one stock.

Thank you
Glenn Weinstein
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gbw, you're doing a few things wrong here:

1. You're using Wealth-Lab Version 4, but you're posting in a Wealth-Lab Version 5 (.NET) forum.

2. You're diluting your own thread by splitting it between different topics. This also creates more work for those who are repsonding. Don't do it. Furthermore, you're asking for the wrong thing now. See original thread for info

3. When you ask someone to write a program, you'll have to be much much more detailed about the requirements. You've only scratched the surface here.
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