How to use Chaikin Money Flow in Conditions (Rules)?
Author: Dreamweaver
Creation Date: 5/3/2016 1:16 AM
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I found CMF in W-L Pro Indicators to add to a chart. I also found it in W-L Wiki with code to change colors. However I don't see it as a "Condition" in creating Strategies. Is there an alternative in the "Conditions" that does the exact same thing as the CMF or does anyone know how to code for it? It is only one part of a potential strategy where entry into a position would need the CMF > 0.0 for going long or < 0.0 for moving into a short position.
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Welcome to the forums Richard. Here's how to use any indicator in Rule-based strategies:

1. Weath-Lab User Guide > Strategy Window > Strategy Builder > General Rules

2. Wealth-Lab Wiki > Tutorial Video | Indicators | Designing Rule-based Strategies, Combining different Indicators
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