How to use API to request downloading Fidelity data?
Author: cheers32
Creation Date: 10/19/2017 3:02 AM
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Hi Eugene,

Is there a way to use API instead of Data Manager to request downloading WL files using Fidelity data provider, as I saw there's API to load WL files from the app data location. I find if possible to download, I will no longer need to use the scheduled download function from WealthLab UI.

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Hi Wei,

For a comprehensive answer, please refer to the FAQ:

Is it possible to use Wealth-Lab or one of its Extensions as a component in custom or 3rd party application?

Whatever is said there especially applies to reverse engineering the Fidelity data.
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Thanks Eunene. I tried to open this page but got an error message: You must be a verified Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro 6 customer to view this page. Free trial users can not access this content.

Do you know where to register for this Wiki access? I am a verified WL developer. Thanks.
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