How to upgrade to 6.1?
Author: dasto
Creation Date: 1/13/2011 5:08 AM
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This is probably a great newbie question :)

What is the normal process for upgrading minor versions of the software, i.e. 6.0 to 6.1. I can't seem to find a'check for updates' button within the software itself.

The Home screen shows "Wealth-Lab Developer Version 6.0.55 Your installation is up-to-date!", despite Wealth-Lab News stating that version 6.1 has been released. Many extensions seem to want 6.1 now. I tried downloading the installer again, but it is still the same version.

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The process to upgrade WL Developer is to download from the Products page and install. It sounds like you did it about 2 hours too early.

WL Pro 6.1, which was released yesterday, automatically detects upgrades when launched. Also you can select Help > Software Upgrade for WL Pro.
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Yes, I was too fast lol - thanks for the help, all upgraded to 6.1 now.
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I assume when you do a minor upgrade (or a major upgrade) that all the Strategies/Script you have developed in an earlier release are not wiped in the upgrade?
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Neither upgrade nor reinstallation will affect your work (including Strategies and data), configuration files or program settings.
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